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Environmentally friendly Linen Cages

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Bryant’s environmentally friendly Linen Cages are suitable for use without liners or single-use plastic wrappers.  The smooth, solid bodies, with the added protection provided by the PVC covers, ensure that linen is kept safe and clean during movement to and from the laundry. They are perfect for the hospitality industry as well as hospitals and health-care environments.


All our models are robust and serve well for many years. They remove the false economy of using metal cages with liners that will need constant washing or replacing in order to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.* Better still, there is no need for single-use plastic wrappers, as the contents remain safe from the elements inside the cages.


Our Linen Cages are light to operate and ergonomically friendly, reducing the potential for accidents. The smooth exterior lines won’t damage property such as door casings or furniture, which can be a hazard when using metal cages, and they won’t rust. They are easy to clean and are unlikely to get stolen, being easy to identify. They can also be personalised with your own organisation’s name or logo.


Bryant Roll Cages come in a useful range of sizes and designs and a selection of colours. See more styles on our Roll Cage page.   Our sales professionals will help to choose fittings that are most suited to your operating areas.


We also offer  Clean Linen Trolleys with shelves, which are ideal for linen distribution within hotels, hospitals etc., or for short-term storage.


Read more about our environmentally friendly Linen Cages on our Laundry & Linen page.


* Whilst Liners are not necessary with Bryant Linen Cages, it is still possible to use one if preferred.

Liner-free Linen / Laundry Roll Cages
Bryant environmentally friendly Linen Cages do not need cage liners or single-use plastic wrappers.

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