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Self-Levelling Units

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H&S initiative - Self-Levelling Units reduced risk of employee back problems

Designed to assist loading and unloading heavy items, Self-Levelling (‘Constant Level’) Units manufactured by Bryant Plastics are ideally located in situations that require a worker to be bending and lifting goods in the workplace.


Our units incorporate a spring loaded platform into suitable models from of our wide range of moulded or fabricated plastic container bodies. The pantograph works by a scissor and spring system which is set at a pre-calculated rate.


All parts of our Self-Levelling Trolleys are custom manufactured in our own factory, including the spring, to ensure the very best performance in each customer’s individual application.

Self-Levelling units in a choice of colours Spring Lift Trolley manufactured by Bryant Plastics Spring Loaded Trolley manufactured by Bryant Plastics Mobile Plastic Spring loaded Trolley with Constant Level platform
Self-levelling platform rises and falls when loaded and unloaded

How Self Levelling units work

Within each Bryant Spring Lift Trolley or Truck, the Self-Levelling* platform lowers a little each time an object is placed on top, allowing more to be added easily without bending down.  


The reverse happens when removing items: each time something is removed, the platform rises a little, ensuring the remaining goods are always within easy reach at the top and so reducing the risk of operator back strain.


CLICK HERE to see how the Bryant Self Levelling Spring Lift Trolley works


*All units manufactured by Bryant are true Self-Levelling which means they will not jam even when loaded unevenly

Self-Levelling units for a wide range of applications

Bryants Self-Levelling Units can be housed in plastic or metal bodies, either static or mobile and can be adopted into many environments ranging from Manufacturing, Laundries and Engineering etc. to Coin Movement, Order Picking and a wide range of Warehouse applications: the possibilities are endless.

Introducing our new Self-Levelling Plastic Roll Cage for easy loading & unloading
CLMLC503 Unique plastic roll cage with constant level platform Constant Level platform in large plastic Truck maintains safe working height Laundry Trolley incorporating Self-Levelling unit

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