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Textile Manufacturing Equipment

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Textile Industry materials handling equipment for production & warehouse

With roots in the Textile Industry, Bryant Plastics knows that materials handling equipment for the sector must be strong and durable.


From the farm to the finished product, as rotational moulders we are able to provide a range of industrial strength plastic containers – Skeps, Chassis Trucks, Sliver Cans / Spinning Cans, Bump Cans, Hydro Tubs and many more, which can all withstand the demands of the Textile workplace, providing a cost-effective solution for its materials handling requirements.

Wool skeps for fleece collection and transport High Back plastic Trolley T254 for higher capacity Plastic Creel Tub for the textile industry

Sliver Cans

Our robust plastic Sliver Cans are available in natural (white) or other colours.  They are rotationally moulded in one piece and can be supplied with or without spring-loaded platforms and with castors, if needed, set to your required Pitch Circle Diameter.

Sliver Cans for Textile Yarn Production – How to choose
Plastic Sliver Cans from Bryant Plastics Textile spinning sliver cans in blue Plastic Sliver cans with spring loaded platform

Chassis Trucks and Stillages

Both truck bodies and chassis are manufactured completely in-house and built to order which means we can match your requirements precisely. 


Our Chassis Trucks can handle the toughest heavy loads and are designed to be easily manoeuvrable even in limited workspaces.


We can offer a range of different capacities with wheels or castors selected for their suitability for the customer’s operation and environment: units can also be supplied as Stillages

Bryant Plastics custom Dyehouse Truck makes moving heavy loads easy for Textile Manufacturer
Bryant Chassis Truck carrying 2 ton textile load Chassis truck built to order with heavy duty plastic liner Custom built high capacity Chassis Truck Custom-built Stillage with plastic liner

In-house Metal Fabricating

With our own in-house metal fabricating facility as well as plastic rotomoulding, we are able to manufacture many specific containers to order, such as Bump Cans, Hydro Tubs, Steaming Carts etc., with fittings to match the customer’s textile production equipment, whether it is for spinning, dyehouse, weaving, finishing or any other department.

Fabricated metal Steaming Cart made custom built Bump Can custom made for Bump Press in textile manufacture Rotomoulded plastic Hydro tub with custom fabricated base and castors

Bins, Boxes, Trucks, Trolleys and more...

We offer a wide range of versatile plastic Tubs, Trucks, Skeps, Trolleys, Carts, Bins, Cans & Boxes for use in the Textile Industry – from raw material collection and transport, through manufacturing to warehouse and despatch, including Trolleys with an internal Self-Levelling springlift platform to assist loading/unloading heavy items.

Plastic Trucks and Trolleys
Heavy duty rotomoulded nesting plastic Container Trucks Plastic Bins with lids Textile manufacturing equipment Heavy duty plastic containers with lids Mobile Plastic Spring loaded Trolley with Constant Level platform

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