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Plastic Linen & Laundry Cages & Trolleys - Purpose-built for strength and durability

Our rotationally moulded Plastic Laundry Barrows, Roll Cages and Linen Exchange Trolleys offer the perfect solution for the clean, hygienic handling, transportation & storage of Laundry and Linen.


Built for strength and durability, our purpose-built units out-perform and out-last many inferior products and help to protect their contents when transported or temporarily stored out-of-doors. Our Linen Cages and Trolleys are perfect for use without liners or single-use plastic wrappers, saving both time and unnecessary expense.


Easy-to-clean, snag- and rust-free, our Linen & Laundry containers come in a variety of colours, sizes and styles and ensure the safe movement of linen in the Laundry, Hospitality & Healthcare sectors.

Sturdy T153 Hi-back plastic laundry container truck for large volumes Front of Calender Units IDC293x Linen Distribution trolley for Hospital Wards and Hotels Liner-free Linen / Laundry Roll Cages
LC503 Plastic Roll Cage for Linen and Laundry LC311m Linen Laundry Cage with top and front covers LC503 Linen Cage with custom printed cover Model LC328 Ventilated plastic linen and laundry roll cage CLMLC503 Unique plastic roll cage with constant level platform LC333 compact Plastic Laundry Cage with cover

Laundry & Linen Roll Containers - wide Choice of Style

Bryant Plastics Laundry & Linen Roll Cages and Linen Exchange Trolleys come in many colours and styles, with all our standard and optional benefits, including printed covers or air ventilation holes which allow the linen to breathe if required. 


We also manufacture a unique Linen Cage with an integral Self-Levelling unit to reduce operative back-strain when loading/unloading.

Introducing our new Self-Levelling Plastic Roll Cage for easy loading & unloading

Laundry Trolleys, Trucks and Barrows

Plastic Laundry Container Trucks, Carts, Trolleys and Barrows come in a selection of colours, sizes and shapes to accommodate individual requirements. 


As with our Laundry & Linen Cages, our Laundry Carts are available with Self-Levelling units (spring-loaded platforms) to assist when loading and unloading heavy dry or wet loads.  As the manufacturers, we can also offer a choice of fittings such as fabricated handles, fork-guides, lids & castor options etc.

Plastic Trucks and Trolleys
Mobile plastic barrow for professional laundries Bryant Spring Loaded Trolley with Self-Levelling platform keeps goods at working height Bryant T268 Plastic Laundry Container Truck ideal for transporting linen Laundry trolley with spring-loaded platform and handle

Linen Distribution Trolleys - NHS favourites

We offer a range of Linen Distribution Cages (Exchange Trolleys) which are widely used in the NHS / Healthcare sector. 


They enable the safe, hygienic transportation of linen within hospitals, hotels etc. and can be fitted with garment rails to transport uniforms, scrubs etc. to relevant departments.  When supplied with towing devices, large quantities of linen can be moved with ease.


CLICK HERE to see our NHS Linen Distribution Trolleys in action

IDC293x Trolley for linen distribution can be fitted for towing NHS Garment Trolley for hygienic transport of scrubs & uniforms NHS Mobile Garment Trolley with garment rail Bryant Linen Exchange Trolleys for the NHS

Laundry Flatwork equipment

In addition to our wide range of moulded plastic Cages and Barrows, we manufacture Front-Of-Ironer Units as companions for industrial and commercial Flatwork Ironers.


Our Front-of-Ironers are custom-made to suit your ironer / calender and incorporate Self-Levelling units (spring-loaded platforms)  to help prevent operator back strain and improve productivity.

Laundry flatwork equipment Front of Ironer Unit Multiple units for front of flatwork Ironer or Calender Self-levelling Units for 4 metre Calendering Machine

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