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Sliver Cans for Textile Yarn Production – How to choose

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In order to get the right Sliver Cans for textile yarn production, the most important thing is to buy direct from the manufacturer.  This gives you the opportunity to have them made specifically to your own requirements.


At Bryant’s our roots are in the Textile Industry.  Our in-depth knowledge of Sliver Can ( Spinning Can) manufacture means we can work with mill owners to provide continuous production and peace of mind during the manufacturing process.  We manufacture Sliver Cans to order for all types of carding, drawing, combing, roving and spinning work.


Sliver Cans play a vital role in ensuring optimal yarn handling.  However, the cans must match the specifications of the machinery in use or problems may arise.  We offer a wide range of cans with various dimensions, styles, colours and fittings.  Sliver Cans can be supplied with or without spring-loaded platforms or castors.


If you need spring-loaded platforms, the springs are one of the most important features and it’s vital to ensure a correct spring load.  We manufacture our own pre-calibrated springs on site specifically for each customer.  This ensures the correct balance is maintained in the cans during operation.  For efficient yarn handling full mobility is equally important.  The use of castor wheels enables a 360° swivel and helps to reduce the risk of yarn damage or imperfections. Castors are set at the exact pitch circle diameter for our customer’s machinery.


Our Sliver Cans are roto-moulded in one piece from virgin MDPE in a range of colours.  Roto-moulded sliver cans are smooth, snag-free, and extremely robust.


To read more about our Textile Industry Products, see our Textile Manufacturing page or email/call us about your requirements.

Plastic Sliver Cans from Bryant Plastics
Sliver Can Spinning Cansfor Textile Yarn production

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