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Introducing our new Self-Levelling Plastic Roll Cage for easy loading & unloading

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Bryant Plastics’ Self-Levelling container trucks are already a popular item where operative back strain may be incurred when loading and unloading heavy items. The true ‘self-levelling’ spring-loaded platform falls and rises automatically when goods are loaded and unloaded, making the operative’s task easier.


We are now pleased to introduce our Self-Levelling Plastic Roll Cage, incorporating the same successful spring-loaded platform and offering similar ease of loading and unloading – which may also assist with meeting HSE requirements.


CLICK HERE to see our Self-Levelling Plastic Roll Cage in action


In addition to moulding the robust plastic roll cage body in our factory, the entire self-levelling mechanism is also manufactured in-house enabling us to accommodate the load weight specified by the customer.


Plastic Roll cages offer a high level of protection for goods transported, will not rust and are easy to clean and disinfect. They are low maintenance and still look good after years of use.


Model CLMLC503 Self-Levelling plastic Roll Cage is available in a variety of colours, with or without a front cover and with a choice of castor type to suit the customer’s use and environment. It can be customised with a company logo if required. Specifications and further information are available on request.


For our Standard range of Plastic Roll Cages CLICK HERE

Plastic Roll Cage with spring loaded constant level platform

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