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Plastic Roll Cages for High Security sites

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Following a request for plastic Roll Cages for High Security sites, we were able to modify one of our most popular models to make it perfect for the job.


A Roll Cage favourite


Our Bryant LC503 Roll Cage is a firm favourite across many industries, especially for handling Linen and Laundry. As with all our plastic roll cages, the solid body and integral PVC cover offers complete protection for the contents, even when being transported out-of-doors.  With a capacity of 900 litres, the LC503 is suitable for many applications.  It is hygienic, easily manoeuvrable and easy to clean.


The Problem and how we solved it


At High Security sites, such as prisons, it can be necessary for the contents of a Roll Cage to undergo a visual check.  Having to open the cover can slow things down a little.  Our in-house team provided the perfect solution by manufacturing a transparent cover for the LC503, removing the need to open the cover whilst retaining complete protection for the contents.  Problem solved.


Transparent covers may also be helpful where maintaining Hygiene is crucial.  The contents can be identified without opening the cover for the quickest and safest transportation to the destination.


Manufactured to order


Bryant LC503 plastic Roll Cages for High Security sites represent just one of our extensive range of Roll Cages.  All our cages are manufactured on site to order and are available in a wide variety of colours and styles.


Visit our Roll Cage  or  Linen and Laundry  Pages, or  Contact us for further information.



Bryant plastic roll cage with transparent cover for secure sites
Bryant plastic Roll Cage LC503 with see-through transparent cover

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