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Plastic Roll Cage gets thumbs-up from award-winning Eco Laundry

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In a busy laundry where space is at a premium, simply storing the linen during processing can take up valuable floor-space.   An award-winning ‘Eco’ Laundry group were so busy that they urgently needed additional storage …and where better than their own back yard.  Their only problem – how to keep it hygienically clean and safe until it could be delivered back to their customers.


Our weather-resistant plastic roll cages were perfect for the job.  After discussion, our popular LC503 Laundry Cage was selected from our range of styles and sizes and, like all our roll cages, it offers easy operative access and the fitted PVC cover gives further protection to the contents indoors or out.


Each cage, with a footprint of only 81 x 71cm, provided the laundry with up to 900 litres of much-needed extra storage and the cages’ strong construction coupled with the right choice of castor enabled goods to be moved around both easily and hygienically.


Soon after delivery of their first Bryant Laundry Cages we were delighted to receive an e-mail from their CEO:

“LOVE the plastic cages. Could you help me with an order for more to be delivered across three different sites… ”


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Plastic Laundry Cage Bryant Model LC503

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