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NHS Facilities Management choose Bryant Towable Plastic Roll Cages

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NHS Facilities Management recently chose Bryant towable plastic roll cages for the internal transportation of waste products.  During emergency situations (e.g. reduced collections of clinical waste etc.) the Trust ran the risk of accumulating waste in holding areas beyond safety limits.


Business Continuity plans allow the use of normal waste wheelie bins for clinical waste and instruct the provision of a waste skip for disposal of offensive waste. We manufactured colour-coded cages for the job – yellow or orange bodies with black doors – to indicate the types of waste contained.


Trust operatives transfer the offensive waste pods’ content to the towable plastic Roll Cages using the required PPE and manual handling activities.  The towing system, which we fit during manufacture, allows operatives to move the roll cages round the site with minimal effort.  Click here to watch our NHS towable plastic roll cages in action.


The plastic roll cages in this instance are used purely for waste transportation and are easily taken to the goods yard where the waste bags are transferred manually to the appropriate waste skips.


The Assistant Head of Facilities at the Trust is delighted with the cages and commented: “The addition of these cages gives us flexibility in terms of waste collections during these unprecedented times for waste volumes”


For more information about our plastic roll cages, see our Roll Cage page or email/call us about your requirements.

Plastic Roll Cage towable by Bryant
Plastic roll cage with towing

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