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Nesting Plastic Container Trucks for greater convenience

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It’s often necessary to move goods around the workspace and large mobile containers are needed, but you may have nowhere to put them when they’re not in use.  Or you may need the containers at another site but have no vehicles big enough to transport the number required.


The best solution may be tapered plastic Container Trucks that are nestable when empty. This means that they will only take up a small space when not in use and can be transported in stacks, requiring less vehicle floorspace.


How to choose Plastic Container Trucks


When choosing Container Trucks, the first consideration will normally be size. We manufacture a range of different sizes/capacities which also come in a selection of colours, making them perfect for sorting operations or use in different departments or sites.


Choosing the correct castors for the job is equally important to optimise free manoeuvrability over indoor and – if needed – outdoor surfaces.  There may be other considerations such as noise reduction, prevention of surface-marking and load-weights.  As specialists in materials handling products, our experienced staff can advise about the most suitable options.


We are sometimes approached by buyers who have previously bought poorly-made, flimsy trucks and found it to be a false economy.  We do not not mass-produce.  Each one of our plastic  Container Trucks is individually made to the customer’s specifications and most models have reinforced bases set into a recess, adding even more strength to the robust moulded body.


Container Trucks suitable for all industries


Bryant’s plastic Container Trucks are suitable for use throughout a wide range of industries. Tough enough for construction sites, smooth enough for delicate textiles and hygienic enough for health care and laundries.  More information is available on request and on our Container Trucks and Trolleys page.

Bryant Plastic Container Trucks tapered for nesting
Bryant plastic Container Trucks are nestable for easy storage

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