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Glossary of materials handling product terms

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Bump Can

A circular container used in the textile manufacturing process, with a metal fabricated base with castors.
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SEE Truck


Chassis Truck

A heavy-duty container mounted inside a supporting metal framework (chassis) with wheels or castors. Used for manually propelled transport of heavy loads in the workplace.  When the container (liner) is made of moulded plastic it is particularly effective for transporting wet as well as dry loads.



The cover / flap on plastic Roll Cages and Exchange Trolleys, normally fitted with turn-button or zip fastening and made of PVC, which provides extra protection for goods during transport.


Exchange Trolley

A plastic cage fitted with internal shelf / shelves. Plastic Exchange Trolleys are ideal for the hygienic transport of clean linen. Can be moved manually, or by tug when fitted for towing.
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Fork-lift Box

A heavy-duty plastic container, normally square/cube-shape and stackable, with moulded-in guides to receive the forks of a fork-lift truck for convenient handling in the workplace.


Front of Ironer

A specially fabricated container to hold laundry / linen, used for feeding smalls into ironer/calender equipment. Bryant’s Front of Ironers incorporate Self-Levelling Units to help reduce repetitive strain injury whilst handling laundry.
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Hydro Tub

A circular plastic container mounted on wheels or castors, used in the hydro extraction process


Internal Delivery Cage

SEE Exchange Trolley


Linen Distribution Trolley

SEE Exchange Trolley


Roll Cage / Roll Container

A manually propelled cage mounted on 4 castors. Used to transport goods within the factory, warehouse, retail store or other working environment, or off-site to customers. Plastic Roll Cages offer more protection to their contents than metal mesh cages.
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Self-Levelling Unit

A specially constructed Spring-loaded Platform mechanism which will not tilt even when loaded unevenly, normally fitted inside a heavy-duty Truck or other container. Reduces the potential for repetitive strain injury to occur.
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A Truck mounted on castors, commonly used in the woollen fleece grading process, tare weighted for accurate measurement.
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Sliver Can / Spinning Can

Containers for receiving or dispensing textiles fibres during various stages of the textile manufacturing process. Plastic Sliver Cans help prevent the fibres from snagging and catching during spinning.
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Spring-loaded Platform

A spring-mounted platform fitted inside a container to maintain the contents at the correct working height as they are loaded or unloaded.


Steaming Cart

A container that can be placed in an autoclave for relaxing yarn or dealing with bacteria. May be made of metal or plastic.
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A heavy-duty metal frame/support to contain or move large loads of goods in the workplace, but unlike Chassis Trucks, Stillages are not normally mounted on castors. When provided with moulded plastic liners they are suitable for storage and handling of wet as well as dry goods.


Truck, Container Truck

A manually propelled, heavy-duty plastic container moulded in one piece, fitted with castors mounted on a reinforced base. Enables the easy transport of goods in the workplace. Bryant plastic Trucks are normally square or rectangular but can have different profiles depending on the purpose required.
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Bryant plastic Container Trucks are nestable for easy storage

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