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Bryant Self-Levelling Container Trucks solve problems for clothing manufacturer

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When a customer within the Knitwear industry approached Bryant Plastics to provide a suitable alternative to their metal roll cages they were looking for mobile containers that were smooth and free from any sharp areas that might pull or snag the delicate clothing.


They also needed to solve the problem with static build-up in the packaging department caused by contact between the packaging material and metal surfaces. Increasing the challenge, they wanted mobile containers with a self-levelling function to assist loading and unloading.


Our popular model CLM269 Self Levelling Spring Lift Containers were to provide the solution to their problems.  The smooth lines of the body removed the potential of snagging and, by the selection of a special combination of castors, the problem of static was eliminated.  The internal spring-loaded self-levelling platform enabled staff to load and unload packaged goods with ease.


An additional advantage of rotomoulded plastic units was that we were able to provide the container trucks in different colours to help identify products from different departments.


Problems solved!


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Container Truck with Self-levelling platform for easy loading and unloading
Plastic Container Truck with internal Self levelling unit CLM269

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