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Major H&S initiative - reduced risk of employee back problems.

Self-levelling units are ideally located in situations that require a worker to be bending and lifting in their work place.  By using a self levelling unit the possibilities of a worker injuring their back are greatly reduced.  The pantograph works by a scissor and spring system that is set at a pre-calculated rate.  Each time an object is placed on the table top it lowers a little, leaving the item at a reachable height.  The reverse happens when removing objects from the unit, each time an object is removed the table top rises, ensuring the items are always at the top of the unit to ease back problems in the work place.

The units can be housed in plastic or metal bodies either static or mobile.

These units are very versatile and can be adopted into many environments ranging from laundries, textile, engineering, coin movement, order picking areas etc, the possibilities are endless.

All of our units are true self levelling which means they will not jam even when loaded unevenly.

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