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Roto-moulded industrial quality plastic or fabricated sheet plastic / fibreboard - High Quality Plastic Fabricators

Whatever your material handling needs may be, we at Bryant Plastics have the perfect solution - either on the shelf; or by design.

Our Roto-moulded cans come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and are either straight-sided or tapered (to allow nesting - with or without anti-locking action). Natural (white) products are food quality grade and may be used in a variety of food processing and handling industries.

We also manufacture straight cans, principally sliver cans, from sheet plastic and fibreboard. Both types can be flat-packed for cost-effective transportation, the customer simply assembling upon receipt.

Any of our straight-sided cans can be fitted with our self-levelling (pantograph) platforms or continuous coil springs and can be used as sliver cans.

Tapered bins will nest for easier storage / transportation. Some include anti-locking features.

Lids are available for most cans.

All cans can be fitted with a variety of accessories: fixings moulded into the plastic body, castor and baseboard configurations, swing handles, metal kicking bands, metal dollies. In fact virtually anything you require.

Contact us to discuss exact measurements.

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