About Us

If you are looking for a quality plastic manufacturing company to produce plastic cages, plastic roll cages, plastic dollys and more, then look no further than Bryant Plastics Ltd.


Bryant Plastics was founded in 1974 by Barry Bryant. 

We are a materials handling product manufacturer we produce moving and handling trucks, including plastic roll cages, constant levels and much more.

We are principally rotational moulders, a process that involves plastic powder being heated within a metal tool as it is rotated. As the plastic heats up, it fuses to the shape of the tool gradually building up the wall thickness. Most of our products are made from industrial quality medium and low density polyethylene. We also use high density polyethylene and reground polyethylene, recycling previously used plastic.

Our origins lie within the textile industry although we now supply all manner of industry sector including, for example, engineering, laundries, hospitals, supermarkets, food processing (natural - white - products only), banks, photography, farming and aquatics.

We have built up a substantial client base, servicing all size of company, from the large plc to the sole trader. 

We have our own in-house metal shop that not only allows us to cost-effectively manufacture our own tools but also produces our range of fabricated products and accessories.

Our Finishing department takes the raw moulded body, trims off the excess plastic and completes the product to customers' specifications. For example, baseboards and castors may be fit, perforations drilled into the body, hand-holes cut or self-levelling platforms installed.

To discuss your requirements or for any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us today!

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